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jack lalanne power juicer
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More and more people are realising that their diet and lifestyles are slowly killing them and so they are beginning to make healthy changes in what they eat. If you too are eating more uncooked foods and making a significant lifestyle change, at some point you ought  to think about making an investment in a juicer. A blender simply isn’t the same.

To get all the advantages of juicing fruits and veg, you need the ability to process each part of the food – seeds, stems, peels and pulp. This is where all of the vitamins are. A blender just cannot do that efficiently. A juicer will extract all of the nutrients from fruits or vegetables t

hat not even your own digestive system can adequately do. Juicers typically used to cost $300-$400 and more. The best ones still do, but if you are just getting into juicing, there are more cost-effective styles on the market too. This is where the Jack Lalanne Power Juicers fit into the market – efficient, tough machines at an incredibly reasonable cost.

Jack Lalanne’s JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Electric Juicer, Stainless/Black

Jack Lalanne's JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Electric Juicer, Stainless/Black

The Jack Lalane Power Juicer Deluxe has all of the top selling qualities of our classic juicer but with even more added features and style. Its new immaculate finish and updated features add magnificence to any kitchen. The high performance induction motor and surgical steel blades deliver fresh, nutrient rich juice to help raise your energy for today’s busy lifestyle. Lifetime motor guarantee offers whisper quietness, even with daily juicing.


Jack LaLanne’s JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine

Jack LaLanne's JLPJB Power Juicer Juicing Machine

Make your own fantastic tasting juice drinks with this commercial-quality juicer from Jack LaLane. It makes up to 30 percent more juice than other juicers with its patented extraction technology. The Jack Lalane juicer’s extra-large round feeder lets you put in entire veggies and fruits with no requirement for cutting, dicing or peeling. Also contains a super-size detachable pulp collector for nutrient-rich healthy sauces, sorbets, bread, soups, and a 3600-RPM whisper-quiet motor. Dishwasher safe ( except.(more…)

Jack Lalanne’s PJP Power Juicer Pro Electric Juicer, Stainless Steel

Jack Lalanne's PJP Power Juicer Pro Electric Juicer, Stainless Steel

Lalane has reworked its best selling juicer with a new, professional looking stainless steel finish and some great new features, eg a non-drip spout and chrome steel mesh filter. The Power Juicer Pro can deliver a robust 3,600 Revs per minute juicing punch packed with necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that’s certain to please even the pickiest tastes. A high performance motor with special extraction technology sees to it.


A Juice Machine Can Change Your Life

Jim Allen asked:

Since I recently received my very own juicing machine, I have experienced a great sense of wellness and well-being. It’s not only due to the health advantages of the freshly made vegetable juices I’ve been drinking. It’s also caused an extreme and noticeable lessening of mental stress and anxiety which I’d experienced prior to using it. That is, the mental stress bought on by departing with my well earned money to buy the ever more expensive fresh juices in restaurants, health stores, and juice bars.

I started using my juicer to create my own interesting and sometimes weird concoctions and combinations. Wheatgrass and ginger to cleanse the lymph system and build up the blood. Barley grass and tomatoes for their high anti-oxidant values. My own original beet, celery, and ginger combination. And many more.

Before buying my juice machine, I was really beginning to feel exploited by the juice bars charging as much as five and seven dollars for a few carrots, a stalk of celery, an apple, and some honey through their industrial juicer.

In many ways I am not that health-conscious, but I really love freshly squeezed juice. I grew up without a juicing machine, and I remember that many of the bottled drinks at the time advertised that they were “made with real fruit juice”, but in reality they were sugar water with only enough “real fruit juice” in them to give the drinks a hint of the taste of the original fruit.

I was also not the healthiest of children. I had asthma and shortness of breath. I was moody, distracted, and had serious problems with attention and concentration. When I reached puberty, my skin condition went from bad to worse. I had pock marks, pimples, and acne and was embarrassed to go out.

It wasn’t until I discovered “real” juice in my early twenties, that I became aware of just how much what I ate and drank affected my over all health. My girlfriend was a health addict and, if I remember correctly, had a “Jack Lallane” juicing machine which she used religiously every day. And through her own persistence, she got me hooked on juicing as well.

It took me a while to get used to the taste and concentrations of some of the stranger juice concoctions that she came up with. But I noticed almost immediately, within a two-week period, the drastic difference in my energy levels and the clearness of my skin.

Now, even though I now have my own juicing machine, I no longer juice every day, as my schedule doesn’t permit it. But I do it as often as I can. I just wish I had started sooner.

How To Go On A Juice Diet

Juice diets are an essential part of a healthy life. While in the early ’70s and ’80s juice diets were considered as an integral part of neuropathy, the advancement of alternative therapy enabled juice diets to take a prominent place in many physicians’ prescriptions. Juice diets have also been used to naturally fend off diseases like cancer by making your body alkaline.

There are many reasons to go onto a juice diet. First of all, your body can digest liquids easier than solid foods. It is not only easy to drink a glassful of juice at a time; most of the juices get absorbed within 15 to 20 minutes of drinking them. However, juice diets should be done with the supervision of a doctor or nutrition expert because if done improperly nutritional deficiencies or adverse detoxification side effects could result.

Cleanse Your System With a Juice Diet

The most beneficial result of juice dieting is system cleansing. By going onto a juice diet, you can cleanse your different bodily organs like the lungs, liver, kidneys, and skin. Before you initiate your juice diet, you should abstain from different addictive substances and stimulants like drugs, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, etc. They will only make the detoxification take longer and could cause withdrawal symptoms.

A juice diet will start detoxifying your body immediately by removing toxic and morbid substances. As these toxins are “stirred up” and removed from your body you may experience the following symptoms:

* Abdominal pain

* Diarrhea

* Weight loss

* Weakness

* Insomnia

* Fever

* Upset Stomach

* Headaches

Some of these symptoms are not so enjoyable, but remember that you are feeling them from the toxins. Don’t take medication to suppress these side effects, they will pass. You reap the benefits of a juice diet about three days into it when the toxins are flushed from your body. At that point you will probably feel better than you ever have in your whole life.

What Fruits and Vegetables To Use, What Not To

Not all fruits and vegetables are ideal for preparing a juice diet. The following fruits and vegetables contain a high nutritional content, so they are perfect ingredients for preparing a healthy juice diet. Just remember it is also best if they are organic.

* Tomatoes

* Cucumbers

* Lemons

* Carrots

* Wheat Grass

* Acai

* Beets

* Celery

* Apples

* Watermelons

* Kale

* Cabbage

* grapes

* Sprouts

* Cranberries

* Pineapples

* Lettuce

You can make individual juice from the fruits and vegetables listed above or you can combine them. Some will taste great, others not so much, so experiment and find what you like. But remember they are all healthy so even if they don’t taste the greatest you should still try to get them down. It should also be noted that potatoes, apricots, bananas, yams and cherries are usually not part of a healthy juice diet.

The Essential Reminders

When you are on this special type of diet, you need to drink the juice you make within three days of making it. Most fresh organic juice goes bad within four days.

Remember to do this diet with the supervision of a health care professional as it can lead to severe nutritional deficiency if done improperly. Children, pregnant women, or a breastfeeding mother are not be advised to go on this type of diet. Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness!

Mangosteen Juice Experiences and Testimonials

Mangosteen juice experiences and testimonials come from people who used the product and not from the company that may be advertising their mangosteen juice products.

Many items on the market claim to taste great, boost energy levels, as well as improve health conditions, but without the extra knowledge received from user reviews, some may ignore the benefits that various products can offer.

Mangosteen Juice Experiences: Overcoming Health Problems

When analyzing some of the mangosteen juice testimonials, similarities are often detected. It seems that many people experience some sort of positive response regarding an array of medical concerns.

The great thing about the ingredients in the mangosteen juice is that many individuals believe they have the capability to deliver great health improvements through its use.

Some testimonials of mangosteen juice even praise the product for possessing the power to combat health ailments that have plagued users for many years.

One personal testimonial claims that a 15-year battle with chronic neck and upper back pain was overcome through the use of mangosteen juice.

When adding the juice as part of a daily routine, a 3-week turnaround occurred, bringing about extreme pain alleviation that was also gentle on the user’s sensitive stomach.

Another experience with mangosteen juice claims that the beverage has eliminated most of the pain associated with a mixture of many medical problems, including arthritis, bursitis, sleeplessness, rotator cuff tendonitis, high cholesterol, and an impaired glucose acceptance.

The patient also suffered from tingling in the arms and fingers. After incorporating mangosteen juice into their daily regimen, they believe the extreme relief and tremendous improvement was a result.

The juice from the mangosteen apparently has also had a positive effect on people dealing with sleepless nights. There are tons of mangosteen juice testimonials dealing with the increase in the number of hours of sleep gained since using the product.

For example, one user stated she could enjoy five solid hours of sleep, which is a far cry from the couple of hours she previously enjoyed.

Many individuals attribute drinking at least one bottle of the mangosteen juice on a daily basis to the changes in their sleep patterns, which increases the ability to enjoy a pain free slumber.

It seems that the juice also positively affects skin ailments, such as the case of the 5-year-old child who saw striking results when drinking mangosteen juice as a way to combat a wart virus called molluscum.

The virus is responsible for creating white pimples that attack the outer layers of the skin, and can be seen all over the body. In three months, the rash disappeared and all without the use of steroid creams that are believed to cause cancer in children.

When it comes to the positive mangosteen juice experiences that people across the globe have encountered, there are many commonalities that show.

Bone and muscle concerns, as well as pain have been a strong common thread connecting users to this product. But, as with any item that hits the market, everyone will react differently, meaning the only way to truly come to a proper conclusion is to try it out for yourself.

Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots are well known as the universal vegetable for juicing. Carrot juice has benefits for us at a very young age. Carrot juice has a number of health benefits. The carrot provides what is certainly the most important basic juice. The yellow color is due to carotene. Carrot juice has a number of wellbeing effects. The carrot provides what is definitely the most imperative necessary juice. An imperative element in an infant’s up bring can be found in the vitamin A of carrot juice. Drinking carrot juice is thought to be extremely beneficial for the liver due to Vitamin A’s cleansing effects. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver. Carrot juice has anti-carcinogen properties. Carrot juice is best ingested in the afternoon because of the burst of energy that always follows.

Another vitamin contained in carrot juice is vitamin E. This vitamin appears in three forms, known chemically as alpha-, beta-, and gamma-tocopherol, and commonly known as the vitamin E complex . It helps prevent cancer. It is also believed to have cancer-curing properties. A carrot and milk juice is the ideal vitamin A source for infants and can in no case lead 10 the risk of the child having too much A. Carrot juice blends with practically all other juices. It is a delicious nourishing beverage for all members of the family at all times and it should be an important part of the diet in cases of illness. Many of the aches and pains related with being older, will be far less if carrot juice is in our diet on a daily basis.

Carrot juice if applied on blemishes regularly helps them to fade away. A helping of carrot juice is one of the best swallows you can make to enhance your life. Carrot juice is like a tonic. It will improve the overall health of you and your child, and increase immunity. Drinking carrot juice, as well as eating carrots, is thought to be especially beneficial for prenatal health. Beta-carotene that forms into Vitamin A is said to be very healthy for both mother and child. Beta carotene is an anti-oxidant, and thus it prevents cell degeneration. Anti-oxidants also slow down the ageing process. Another fruit which is an excellent anti-oxidant is the berry. It can be taken alone, or combined with other fruit and vegetables juices.

Carrot Juice Benefits Tips

1. Carrot juice acts as an anti-inflammatory and revitalizes and tones the skin.

2. Carrot Juice helps prevent cancer.

3. Low blood pressure can be helped by consuming parsley, capsicum and garlic juice.

4. Carrot juice if applied on blemishes regularly helps them to fade away.

5. Carrot juice applied daily is great for uneven skin tones due to blemishes and pigmentation.

Constipation Remedy Using Apples and Other Juices

Here are two constipation remedies that you can use for a mild case of constipation and for a chronic case of constipation.

Apple and Pear Juice

If you have a mild case of constipation, you can use this remedy to get results.

Prepare equal amounts of fresh apple and pear juice. Drink this combination when you first wake up and one hour before bedtime.

Juice the pears that are slightly hard. If the pear is ripe, it is best to blend it whole with apple juice to create a thick drink. Using the whole pear will give you additional fiber. Just remove the seeds but do not peel the organic type.

Pears have minerals, vitamins, and chemicals that help to clean out your colon, kidney and to regenerate your blood cells.

Apple Juice and Prune Juice

Here’s a constipation remedy that you can use if you have chronic constipation. In addition to just drinking apple juice, you can accelerate your peristaltic action with prune juice.

Here’s how to do it.

If you have a juicer you can make fresh apple juice and drink 3-4 glasses a day. You can also drink store-bought apple juice but try to get fresh squeezed and not the type that has been flash pasteurized or pasteurized. If you can find fresh apple juice then use flash pasteurized.

Buy your juice in glass containers if possible.

Plastic containers are processed using solvents that stay in the container walls and gradually outgas into the apple juice. This out gassing is more severe when plastic containers are stored in hot places.

To speed up the laxative effects of apple juice, take the following combination first thing in the morning before you have breakfast,

Drink 2-3 cups of prune juice.

After ½ hour, drink one cup of apple juice

Then, 1-hour later drinks another cup of apple juice.

I usually buy my prune juice in a bottle and fresh squeeze my apple juice.

Be prepared to head for the bathroom after you drink your prune juice and your first glass of apple juice. You may need to head to the bathroom soon after you drink prune juice, everyone is different. I have used this combination and have recommended it to my clients and have had good results.

Prune juice by itself is good for constipation. It is a safe, gentle and an effective laxative. Drink a cup in the morning and a cup in the evening. Prune juice contain the substance dihydrophenylisatin, which is responsible for the laxative action. Prunes are also high in iron and are a great supplement if you are anemic or low on iron.

If you add prune juice to your diet, do not drink as much of it as you would when you have constipation. Drink ½ glasses in the morning and perhaps ½ glasses in the evening.

Definitive Facts About Mangosteen Juice

Whenever fruit products like mangosteen juice make waves in the news and as more individuals appreciate the benefits of following a healthier lifestyle, the willingness to try it significantly rises.

When liquefying the seeds, rinds, and the flesh of this Southeast Asian crop, a tasty mangosteen fruit juice is created, which has been heralded as possessing numerous medical advantages.

While the fruit is a local commodity throughout Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, the demand for this exotic juice has led to the cultivation of the fruit in Brazil and India for American import ventures.

Mangosteen juice has been linked to aiding the elimination of anything from cancer to infections caused by bacteria.

Whether or not mangosteen fruit juice should be properly regarded as a miracle cure has yet to be determined; there simply hasn’t been enough studies conducted on the juice that can conclusively assess its medical power.

What is a definite fact is that the juice contains high amounts of antioxidants and xanthones, which have been connected to easing a host of medical issues.

With the appearance of an apple and the body of an orange, mangosteen is filled with vitamins and minerals, including potassium, iron, calcium, B1, B2, B6, as well as vitamin C. When consuming a high amount of these ingredients found in mangosteen juice, you will assist the boosting and strengthening of the immune system, which works wonders in combatting the symptoms of illness.

The Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit Juice

For many centuries, the juice of the mangosteen has been used as a folk remedy, offering proven results in treating an array of ailments, including dysentery, diarrhea and dehydration.

It has also been used as a topical poultice to keep cuts free from infection.

When using the mangosteen juice as a supplement, you will find that it makes a safe and tasty addition to any diet.

Some of the benefits attached to the juice are thought to help a wide-range of systems throughout the body.

For instance, Asian locals, who wished to cease inflammation within the intestines, first utilized mangosteen.

Additional studies conducted in Japan and India found that the fruit possessed effective anti-inflammatory capabilities. It is also said that the xanthones found throughout mangosteen have the ability to prevent atheroclerosis, which involves the hardening of the arteries.

XanGo Juice

When you are interested in exploring mangosteen juice, XanGo juice offers a supplement that offers a wealth of nutrients, as well as a satisfying flavor. The difference between this particular option and others on the market is the fact that it is one of the only items to use the whole mangosteen fruit.

As you browse the shelves of health food stores, even the catchy logo may attract your eye. If you like the outside, you will probably enjoy what’s inside.

It is through this product and more that you will be able to harness some of the power of this xanthone-packed juice. Many believe that the juice may aid in the maintenance of intestinal prosperity; create a stronger immune system; increase cartilage and joint function; neutralize toxins; and increase respiratory health.

The Benefits Of Juicing

Everyone should include at least one fresh juice in their diet every day and until you have tried it you won’t believe how delicious it tastes: Raw, live, fresh fruit and vegetables have so many beneficial effects on the body. Fresh juice can be made in your own home or purchased from a cafe and the health benefits far outweigh those offered by pre-bottled juice.

A fresh juice is made using a juice extractor: This is a blender like processor that removes the pulp and filters about 90% of the liquid matter into a cup or jug. Fruits and vegetables commonly used for fresh juice include:

- Oranges

- Apples

- Watermelons / Melon Dews/ Rock melons

- Pears

- Strawberries

- Carrots

- Spinach

- Beetroots

Many people also like to include a small amount of fresh ginger or garlic for an added immune system boost. Depending on your individual taste preferences, different combinations can be used for creating unique flavors. Some juicers will take a whole granny smith apple without requiring any coring, where others need fruit and vegetables to be chopped into smaller pieces so they can fit through.

It’s fairly common knowledge now days that the human body is comprised of at least 70% water and drinking fresh is a sure way to stay hydrated. Each piece of fruit and vegetables is also around 70% water content, but the water is vitamin and nutrient rich for quick and effective assimilation into the body. Fresh juice will give you an energy surge and it will carry vital vitamins and nutrients to cells throughout the body the way nature intended it to.

Could you imagine heaping an apple, an orange, a quarter watermelon, half a beetroot, a slice of ginger and a carrot onto a plate and eating it all raw in one sitting? You could probably do it but it would be hard work! With fresh juice you can easily extract the goodness into a tumbler, throw in a couple of ice cubes if you like your drinks cold and you have a delicious and healthy drink which is also a meal. When you drink the juice form of the fruit and vegetables you are receiving highly concentrated nutrition, which means the amount it would normally take to fill you up wouldn’t have anywhere near as much goodness.

There are so many health benefits to drinking fresh juice it would be impossible to list them all. Many people like drinking fruit and vegetable juice to detoxify their bodies for a few days every month or a day or two a week: This means they have nothing but fresh juices, fruit, fresh vegetables and water for the detoxification period. Since the enzymes in the fruit and vegetables are still buzzing in their uncooked form, fresh juice is pure energy to support our natural life force. While cooked ,dried fruits and vegetables have nutritional value, it is small in comparison to fresh juice.

Whether you drink one juice a day or several you will notice changes after a week or so: your skin will be smoother, glowing and clear, your eyes will be bright and your body will feel clean. You will have elevated moods and energy levels compared to before and your appetite will possibly decrease because you are receiving all the vitamins and nourishment you requirefor the first time in a long time. Hair, nails and your immune system will all be noticeably stronger and you will feel calm and surprisingly at ease. Over time your digestion will improve, your bowel flora will re-balance and you could possibly cure any disease or illness in your body.

A good way to start with fresh juice. Is to do a detoxification for a day or two initially to clean your system out and relax your digestion. Then you can start your new routine of having one fresh juice first thing each morning or perhaps even one with breakfast and lunch , whichever you prefer.

This is not a change you will ever regret and you will start to look more seriously at all the beverages you consume as you come to realize how beneficial a fresh juice can actually be to your health.

From Just 2 Times In A Day, A Person Becomes Healthier! Just By Taking Aloe Vera Juice!

Known mainly for its beneficial effects on burns and other external afflictions, aloe vera has a tonic effect on the digestive system as well.* Aloe enhances protein digestion and assimilation and decreases elimination time while helping to regulate bacterial growth.* It has been recommended for indigestion, constipation, bowel toxicity and other internal problems.* Proponents have claimed that it helps heal internal tissues, and it has been used in folk medicine to treat ailments of the stomach, colon, and kidneys.*

The juice of aloe Vera is made from the aloe Vera gel.

There are no studies which can prove the usefulness of the aloe Vera juice but most of the people have noticed the benefits of aloe Vera juice therefore, this herb is very popular among the people in the world.

Aloe Vera juice includes copper, manganese, silicone, minerals, calcium, potassium, vitamins B3, B1, B6, B2 and Vitamin C, iron, sulfur and chlorine.

Watkins Aloe Vera juice provides number of benefits to the large numbers of people. Taking aloe Vera juice for about 2 times in a day, the person becomes healthier. The various benefits of aloe Vera juice are:-

* It is helpful for detoxifying the body and cleansing the colon. Aloe Vera juice contains various detoxification qualities which assist in the detoxifying the blood flow.

* It is useful for those people who are suffering from intestinal and stomach problems.

* It also helps in proper digestion and curing of ulcers.

* The aloe Vera juice is also useful in raising the circulation of blood.

* It also assists in the growth of blood cells and enlarges the vessels.

* It provides various other advantages and the extract of aloe Vera juice is derived from the aloe Vera gel.

* It also acts as an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent and eliminates disorders.

* Taking aloe Vera juice regularly helps the person in gaining energy.

* Aloe Vera juice also provides external and internal advantages to the people.

* The juice of aloe Vera has the ability to improve digestion, circulation, detoxification and cure from inside the body.

* It is treated as a part of the daily regimen as it is safe to drink daily.

* It also maintains and promotes the right balance of stomach acids.

* It is also beneficial for treating some of the disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, candida and acid indigestion.

* Aloe Vera juice is also taken by the people as fruit juices, drinks, dietetic, nutrition and more.

* It also has an astringent action and is beneficial for tightening the skin.

* It also assists in constipation, diarrhea and other intestinal conditions.

* Aloe Vera juice is also very effective for eliminating joint and severe muscle ache which can develop with arthritis.

The full benefits of its synergistic blend of around 200 biologicallyactive compounds are not yet known. Watkins has captured the beneficial properties of this popular “medicine plant” in a liquid form. Watkins Aloe Vera Juice is 99.7% pure, coldprocessed and stabilized; enjoy it alone or with fruit juice. The recommended use is two to six ounces (60–180 mL) of juice per day.

• Naturally field grown: Hydroponically-grown aloe, although cheaper, has not been proven

equal to field-grown aloe in providing benefits.

• Hand filleted: Insures that only pure gel is used, not the bitter protective layer called aloin.

• Cold processed: Retains the beneficial properties of aloe by preserving natural enzyme activity.

• Stabilized with food-grade preservatives: Aloe does not need to be heated (pasteurized), a

process which destroys its enzymes.


Two to six ounces (60-180 mL) per day, plain, over ice, or mixed with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice or other beverages.


Aloe vera juice (water, aloe vera concentrate), citric acid, pure food preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.


Individual results may vary.

“I’ve had joint pain for many years. Some days

I could hardly use my hand, it was so painful.

About 3 days after trying Watkins Aloe Vera

Juice, I noticed a difference in my pain, but

never thought much about it until I really realized

it was getting better. I went off the Aloe

Vera Juice for a week, and within days my fingers

were starting to swell again. Needless to say it is

my daily routine.”

How to Know What To Eat On The Cabbage Juice Diet

Wondering what to eat on the cabbage juice diet? Your not alone. Juice diets can be confusing if you haven’t done them before. Juice diets, like the cabbage juice diet can also be harmful to your health if you don’t do them properly.

Questions often arise like, “how long do I go on the juice diet for? Can I eat anything else beside cabbage juice? What do I eat when I go off the diet? If you’ve been wondering whether a cabbage juice diet is for you, you’ll enjoy learning more about this healthy, cleansing diet.

Cabbage Juice Diet – An Ulcer Remedy

Cabbage juice diets have been used for centuries as a folk remedy for digestive tract disorders. A well known 1952 study involving peptic ulcer patients, patients who had gastric ulcers found on the lining of the stomach – affirmed the effectiveness of the remedy.

The study showed that patients who drank four glasses a day of raw cabbage juice healed in four to ten days, versus patients who received hospital stay treatments that would take about 30 days to complete. As a bonus, the patients with cabbage juice in their diet reported that the juice relieved their ulcer pain.

Cabbage juice has reportedly also been used to treat the symptoms of other gastrointestinal disorders like:

* Colitis

* Indigestion

* Constipation

No wonder people are so interested in going on a cabbage juice diet.

Go To The Doctor First

You should consult your doctor before you begin any special cleansing diet. You will be following some form of the cabbage juice diet for three weeks, so be sure you have your doctor’s permission to cleanse your system and boost your energy levels.

You also need to purchase a juicer, if you don’t already own one. To get the cleansing and nutritional effects you desire, you must drink the freshest juice possible. That means you need to own a juicer so you can extract the juices from the vegetables yourself. Also don’t forget to buy organic cabbage for juicing.

Day 1 Through Day 8

For the first eight days on the cabbage juice diet, what to eat is simple: cabbage juice, other vegetable juices, and water. Do not purchase prepared juices. Drink only juices you have extracted yourself from cabbage, celery, beets, carrots, or other vegetables.

Day 9 Through Day 11

Spend these three days transitioning on the cabbage juice diet. What to eat during this time includes simple, light, natural, unprocessed foods in small portions. Stick to plant-based foods like fruits, fruit juices, and vegetable broth. Keep drinking plenty of cabbage juice during this time.

Day 12 Through Day 21

Wondering what to eat when its over? End your cabbage juice diet with a diet consisting of 60% raw foods and 40% simple cooked foods like rice, potatoes, beans and other starchy vegetables. Continue to restrict animal products, eating only plant-based foods.

I truly hope you use the above information, cleanse your body and start to feel great. Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness!

Discover The Fruit Juice Diet

It can be difficult to lose weight sometimes. You know when you have been exercising and eating right, but you just can’t get rid of that last 3-7 pounds that seem to cling to areas like your midsection? If you go on a organic fruit juice diet for a couple of days the weight will drop right off.

Using fruits like watermelon and lemons, an organic fruit juice diet causes the excess calorie drop needed for the body to eliminate stored fat. Such a diet is used regularly in Hollywood where some careers rely on looks. Fruit juice diets are also used by professional bodybuilders and professional athletes.

For the average person, however, there needs to be an understanding of a few basic principles in order to make a fruit juice diet work. If you have any medical conditions you should check with your doctor before going on a fruit juice diet.

How Long Does The Diet Last?

A fruit juice diet can last anywhere from 3 days to one week. If you have never done this type of diet before I would try for two or three days and see how you feel instead of trying to make it a week.

What Can I Expect?

Juice diets, because they cleanse your body of toxins and chemicals so quickly, can cause detoxification side effects. Around the end of the first day or on day two of the diet you may notice that you have a headache, have a stomach ache, are tired, or are irritable.

Don’t take any medication and understand that the side effects will not last long. Once most of the toxins are flushed from your body, usually by day three, you should notice a drop in your weight, be sharper mentally, have increased energy levels, and feel really good.

Vegetables Should Be Included Too

It should also be known that organic vegetables should be added to your fruit juice diet. Vegetables generally have a low sugar content and are needed for your body to get the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs.

You can combine vegetables to make your juice or you can juice different types of vegetables individually. Some taste good and others not so much.

Try a few different combinations and see what you like. Just don’t combine the fruit and the vegetable juice because ingesting fruit and vegetables together can cause an upset stomach.

Don’t Use Processed Fruit Juice!

It is critical to avoid processed fruit juices that are loaded with simple refined sugars, such as Juicy Juice, Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade, etc. Processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup raises insulin levels, is acidic, can cause cancer, can cause diabetes, and will turn into fat when it is not burned.

When you start juice dieting you need to buy your organic fruit and vegetables and juice them with a juicing machine at home. Or you can go to your local health food store, they will often have ready made organic juice available.

But Doesn’t Natural Fruit Juice Have Sugar?

The sugars in natural fruit juice are compound sugars and are loaded with nutrients. Your body can also burn through a lot of natural sugar if it needs too.

Can I Eat Any Food?

Yes you can eat if you want to, but I would eat healthy and light. However, the juice diet will work best if you can abstain from food for about three days or so. Don’t pig out on food when you are done the diet either. Eat small meals at first and work your way back to your desired diet.

Drink Water

You should also include a lot of water into your fruit juice diet. Water is essential for hydration and cleansing.

Trying any diet to lose weight quickly is pointless if you aren’t planning on doing the work necessary for keeping the weight off when you are done with the diet. You can only do so by following a healthy lifestyle that includes organic food and exercise. Good luck on your journey towards health and wellness!